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Slow Bleed - Tim Adler Author

Dead Already

What if someone you killed came back to haunt you?

When the perfect crime results in the kidnap and murder of Megan, his only child, East End villain Mickey Speight is grief-stricken. But now, nearly 30 years later, Megan sends a message to her father, gone-to-ground in present-day Margate.

As the messages from his dead daughter keep coming, Mickey teams up with his young American female therapist to discover whether this really is a voice from beyond the grave, or if somebody has loomed out of Mickey’s past wanting revenge.

Someone is fingering Mickey's collar and Mickey doesn't like it.

Mickey must haunt the old East End boozers, betting shops and strip clubs of his youth if he is to find out what really happened to his daughter.

Hold Still - Tim Adler Author

Hold Still

“I photographed the moment of my husband’s death.” Kate and her husband are on holiday in Albania when her husband walks off their hotel balcony right in front of her. Soon her husband comes back from the dead. What does he want from beyond the grave?
Surrogate - Tim Adler Author


How much is your child worth? Hugo and Emily must find their missing daughter... even if it costs them everything they own. Fans of Elizabeth Haynes, Sophie Hannah and Mark Edwards will love this gripping and fast-moving thriller.
Slow Bleed - Tim Adler Author

Slow Bleed

A missing son
A kidnapper who's dead
Nobody believes her
Nothing will stop her

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